Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Need a New Computer

Have you ever been in need of a babysitter and your usual childcare provider is unavailable? Enter SitterCity. SitterCity is an online tool for you to search for babysitters in your area. I searched my area and was surprised to find that there were 124 registered sitters available if and when I might need them. Each childcare provider has a profile page that lists 2 references and an easy to use background check system that you can use for a fee.

This is also the perfect place for people looking for childcare jobs. You just create a profile page listing your references and your availability. And begin looking for jobs. Sitters can also perform background checks on parents to make sure they are heading to a safe place.

SitterCity even has a pet sitting service. If you need someone to watch your pet while you are out of town, take a look at SitterCity. There were 88 pet sitters in my area. I might have to recommend this service to my friend who has over 20 animals. I wonder if anyone is willing to watch her horses.

Why am I giving you this great tip? Because I am participating in the Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away.

DevDad is a Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style. He now works from home and keeps his daughter home with him instead of having her in daycare. DevDad is his family blog. He has another blog called BlogHelper is just what it sounds like. It is a place to ask questions and get answers about Blogger. I have already found some of his information valuable. If you have a question he is available to help you out.

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