Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toddlers and Computers

My nieces are both interested in the computer. The older one (3) likes to play games from Peep and The Big Wide World and the younger one (1) likes to push the buttons on the keyboard. This is usually when I am working at the computer. I would love to be able to sit with them and play computer games with them but controlling a mouse can be difficult. I do have a tip for that though, set your mouse speed control as low as it will go and make the pointer larger. This helps a lot with the older child but not with the younger.

Enter the Comfy Easy PC. This is a learning center that plugs into your PC through it's usb port. It is much easier for toddlers to use. There are several different games you can purchase. I actually have never used the Comfy Easy PC but there is one that you can win at Contest for Moms. I would love to win this. The contest ends Nov. 3.

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JR Benning said...

I think the perfect solution for your toddler is Peanut Butter PC. It's software only and converts your work/home PC intro a toddler-friendly appliance. It does this on the fly and keeps the kids in their guilder cage until you switch back to your files and applications. It comes with a child-friendly browser that prevents right-clicking any allows parents and teachers to specify what programs and web sites are appropriate. Pleas check it out at or seach for Peanut Butter PC at