Thursday, October 25, 2007

Obsessive Friend

My friend has a new obsession (hi friend are you reading this?). Her obsession is coupons. She has just learned how to use coupons and gets some great deals. She even gets stuff for free! How she does that exactly I don't know. I myself don't use coupons all that much, but I did see a coupon for the best brownies in the world and thought to myself I should clip it and use it. Typing that just now I realized that I didn't clip it and will now have to pay full price for my next chocolate craving. Maybe my friend has a coupon. I should ask her.

I do use coupon codes for online shopping. I look all over the place to find those. Here is a great spot to get coupon codes. Everybody Loves Coupons is sponsoring a giveaway to win a wii. Find out how to win by stopping by before Oct. 31

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